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Relaxation - Healing - Clarity - Well-being

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relax-and-heal : holitic wellness

"Holistic Wellness"?

Very often, it is simply about "wellness" - even if this word may be sometimes associated with "artificiality" etc. - so if there is an improvement or increase of the well-being, physical, mental and spiritual health will also benefit. Why not? Its nice and pleasant - so go ahead :)

The physical feeling is often a main point. If there is strong physical pain, this affects the complete condition of the person. The same is true for mental and emotional suffering. So to attend to these pains and to increase your whole well-being, I offer various relaxing and curative attempts and treatments, like Essential Healing, Frequency Healing, intuitive laying on of hands and massage etc.

If required, this can be combined with corresponding talks / coachings - more about it on This is because openness, honesty and clarity - above all towards yourself - are also essential aspects in the matter of well-being.